Cookout and Psalm Sing

First Reformed Presbyterian Church of Durham is having a cookout and psalm sing on Saturday Nov 2nd. Please join us for food, fellowship and a time singing the praises of God. We will eat 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm Clean up 5:00 pm – 5:30 pm Psalm Sing 5:30 pm …

Free Psalm – 105E

Crown & Covenant published a free (for personal use) Psalm of the month.  The latest is available here: This month’s free Psalm is from the forthcoming  CD  Remember. The psalm is sung from The Book of Psalms for Worship. The psalm is 105E (to the tune CLONMEL). Download the file …


BAPTISM by Francis A. Schaeffer

BAPTISM By Francis A. Schaeffer In introduction, there are several things to emphasize as we begin this study. 1. We do not …

Baptism in the Bible

Check out an excellent resource on baptism in the Bible available for download on our website here.



The Framework Hypothesis & Genesis 1:  An article by Herman Hanko discussing the Framework Hypothesis and Genesis 1.